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ESG Cosmetics offers luxurious self care suited to those with sensitive skin, sleep issues, and in need of relaxation. Formulated vegan, free of parabens, sulfates, and without animal testing, this is the perfect way to treat yourself without sacrificing quality. We know from personal experience how hard it can be to find the right products, so join us in embracing a healthier skin care routine with high vibrations!

  • Jewelia S.

    Hey love! I got my order and everything smells amazing! When is your website going to be back up? I want to order some of the chamomile bath soak!

  • Shelia G.

    I love your products.

  • Ayanna K.

    Girrrill this body glow ain't nothing to play with !!! Goddess glow is giving everything she needs to give! Worth every penny. Like it don't look like glitter but it gives a natural glow.
    Especially in the sun... omg g I'm going to need another bottle because this is literally my new skin.


    We didn't go wrong choosing your sprays! We changed our sheets and sprayed the bed down with Blue Sage relaxation and pillows with Goodnight Kiss sleep spray. You're on to something. Thanks again !

  • Tierra K.

    I loveeee these lashes! super glam. I wouldn't recommend if you feel uncomfortable with super long and full lashes. I'm a MUA so I had no problem with the length or fullness at all. The tweezer and mirror came in handy. Worth the buy!

  • Sidney W.

    These lashes are so freaking pretty. They have multiple layers so they don't give you that straight eye "Man" look. Worth the price. I'll buy again!

  • -xo Mickey

    Thank you for the lashes! Best lashes i've bought from a business that is just starting. I fell in love with the Stella Rose lashes from the Slay Her Collection, by far my favorite along with the rest of course. The lashes were very nice, light and fluffy. I received my order very fast too. The packaging was super cute and organized. I was definitely Slaying with them on. Will be buying
    more lashes from you soon boo!

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